Crypto currencies is one of the most volatile assets and is open 24/7

Digital Assets like bitcoin are considered a new asset class, a “digital store of value”

The asset class is still immature, a trend following approach typically shine in these markets

Our software embraces the trend following dna and is connected directly to major exchanges and over-the-counter liquidity pools making it a powerful decision support tool

You don't need to run any software at home 24/7, our software is on Amazon cloud

Arbcircle team has relevant experience in finance and software development in leading hedge funds, fintech, banks, and corporates


We believe in simplicity. One pricing option for all our clients and the best incentive for a software provider-client relationship:
No flat subscription fee, we are aligned in terms of incentives to the client.
Our pricing is based on the hypothetical profit&loss generated with our software, our fee is 25% of your hypothetical profit (including VAT). We measure the profit at the end of each calendar month subject to high-water mark, which means that at end of the month we charge only if your account reached the highest peak in value since you sign for the service. We measure profit making sure we don’t consider for the fee calculation additional deposits and withdraws since you sign for our service.
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For example, let’s assume you sign for our service and you deposit $10,000 on one of the supported exchanges at the beginning of a month. We use few examples to explain our pricing:

If you don’t pay after two weeks from our payment request, we cancel the licence. You can cancel the licence anytime.